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at the outstanding secretary of states in our history of our country, you will be right up there at the very, very top. >> your service to our nation has been exemplary and outstanding. >> your outstanding record as one of our great secretary of states. >> you've represented the interests of this nation magnificently. >> i want to thank you for a job well done. >> and i want to offer my sincere and deep gratitude for your service to our nation. >> thank you for your incredible service as secretary of state. >> i'm also glad to know you're feeling much better. >> i want to begin by thanking you for your hard work. >> first i want to thank you for an extraordinary daughter. >> madam secretary, you have represented our country with tremendous strength and poise. >> let me point out that you have been very open with the committee. >> i don't have time today to do a full listing of all of the achievements that you should get credit for. >> i want to echo the praise
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from my colleagues for your extraordinary service and i want to thank you for your leadership on benghazi. >> even she's bored. and how are we going to survive as a nation without hillary clinton, how do we make it? that's the time we have left this evening. thank you for being with us, let not your heart be troubled. the news continues, greta is next standing by to go "on the record." greta, take it away. >> greta: tonight, has anyone bothered to stop and ask this question? exactly why does egypt even need our f-16's? doesn't seem like the first question you would ask before we send high technology f-16's to the region of the world. "on the record" starts now. >> this is an american f-16. why does it have an egyptian flag on it? well, because we are giving this to them. >> the u.s. is providing egypt with 16 fighter jets, 200 tanks. >> we're putting ourselves in
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jeopardy when we're sending jets and tanks to a leader whose only two enemies he's said in the past are israel and the united states. >> we should be considering cutting off the economic aid. we should be considering cutting off both the aircraft and the tanks. their primary use is going to be against israel. >> we have to examine all forms of aid that are being extend today egypt and a lot of it should depend on mr. morsi's behavior. >> it's consistent with what we found out is actually this administration's foreign policy, the foreign policy is, what difference does it make? >> illegal immigration bad for america, and the fact is we have 11 million people in this country more or less that are undocumented and i don't know anyone that's happy about that. >> iranian police first arrested the pastor in 2009 for spreading christianity and abdeane says the iranian government prognosis promises
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and agreed. and she says she was blind sided by her husband's current arrest, he was arrested for attempting-- >> dead reported there was no girlfriend and that manti te'o was part after hoax and he was the victim even though he stuck to it even after learning of hoax. >> girl i committed myself to died on september 12th and now i get a call on december 6th and saying that it's a lie and i'm going to be put on national tv later and ask the same questions. what would you do? >> all that and much more ahead, but first, many lawmakers questioning why the u.s. would send 16 highly advanced f-16 fighter jets to egypt since egypt's new president morsi has had harsh words for america. egypt's president morsi saying that president obama was clear when he uttered her empty words on the land of egypt.
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he uttered many lies which he could not have fulfilled a single word even if he were sincere which is he is not and president morsi has uglier words for our closer ally israel, nurse our children, grandchildren on hatred toward those zionist jews and those that support them. and they must be nursed on hatred and the hatred must continue. >> and rand paul pressed john kerry about the decision to send the f-16's anyway. >> and you've heard about them zionists, being descendents of apes and pigs, do you think it's wise to send them f-16's. >> and we spoke with rand paul a short time ago. >> nice to be with you. >> what's your thoughts on united states sending f-16's and more to go in a 2010 deal
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to egypt? >> that's a huge mistake. the original deal was made with another leader deposed by a somewhat violent revolution. i don't think it's a good idea. i think potential it elevates an arms race and what we give to egypt, israel needs more. and i think there's a risk and president morsi, calling those in support of israel, apes and des descendents of pigs. >> let's reverse engineer this, in the event we don't send the 16 f-16's and the tanks to egypt, what happens? >> you know, i'm he not sure exactly what would happinessly, i think the egyptians would come to us and negotiate with us, and say, what kind of behavior would we have to have? and would i say to them, maybe you should protect our embassy, maybe you shouldn't let hordes of people jump on
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our embassy and tear down our flags and shout death to america. i wouldn't give them anything and i would condition on anything on good behavior, but i don't think we've been getting good behavior from them. morsi has the things to say about israel, and sudan has the iranian emissions factory that was bombed inside sudan. and they're locked pretty closely, iraq and sudan. egypt controls the suez canal, and have they got their foot on our throats? >> i'm not saying we're not for having relations with egypt. as friendly as they want to be as friendly as we should be. you don't always have to buy friends or arm friends. i'm concerned and i think that they need to prove they want to live in the civilized word. within the last year, morsi was seen at a prayer meeting with a radical sheik saying death to israel and death to
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israel supporters. and also within the last year, egypt arrested 16 americans, held them in the country, threatened not to let them leave the country and when i rattled the cages and said we may talk about ending your aid and other senators traveled there with the message, all of a sudden americans were released. there are egyptians held for political trials in egypt and i think it's a big mistake. they need to show they want to be part of the civilized world and i would make all aid contingent on that. >> why do they need them. and who are they going to be in a dog fight with? >> that's the question he. for every plane we give them israel will say we need one and a half for every one you give them, but we need better planes than you give them. we're giving them some of the most sophisticated technology in the world and no one else can offer them f-16's, i don't think anybody else will. i think we should be friends and have relations with those who want to have relations with us including egypt, but doesn't necessarily mean we
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have to give them sophisticated weapons. >> how much is president morsi want to want to be friends for us if we aborted the deals on the f-16's and wouldn't morsi from another country and buy them from a secondary market of some sort? >> maybe, but we don't have to buy england's friendship. we have common cause. we trade with china we don't have to buy china's friendship. we trade with russia, we don't have to buy their friendship. trade is a great thing. >> greta: we have to buy it a little bit because it's important to us that egypt keep he a lid on the trouble to the extent they can with israel. we don't want egypt firing up everybody against israel. >> it's in their interest to keep things peaceful and keep down radical jihad, but my fear is maybe they're going to be part of that. the statements from the muslim brotherhood have not been moderate statements. these are people calling an entire race a descendent of apes and pigs and i'm concerned about that and i'm also concerned that these are
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weapons that could come back to haunt us. this isn't the first time we've done this. do you know who the biggest funders of the mujaheddin were? the united states. mo was part of the freedom fighters? bin laden. we gave stingle missiles, all kinds of weapons to the mujaheddin we thought they were the enemy of our enemy. in the end it back fired. supporting radical jihad is nothing we would be in favor of. and we need to think through giving weapons to people who are not our friends. we're not giving, we're selling, but giving permission for companies to sell them. is it the u.s. government selling it. >> i think we give them money and they have to give the money to buy it from u.s. munitions manufacturing. >> greta: the people making the money are actually a lot of people-- >> in private business. >> greta: in private business. >> right, but we give the money to it egypt to buy the weapons. >> greta: i always find astounding, nobody is beilookin
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at the connection between morsi and the president of sudan who has a munitions plant inside sudan israel to bomb because they were supplying hamas against israel. no one is following this circle. >> foreign and military aid, people say it's buying friendship, they won't be our friends if they won't do this. guess what? the people are not the same as leaders. and you can buy the leaders friendship, but sometimes the people don't see it that way. we've given billions upon billions and a pew research said that 74% don't like us, think of america as the enemy despite the billions we give them. and in egypt when the masses were rising against mubarak, do you think they were lape the tear gas sprayed on them was from pennsylvania, bought with u.s. aid? it doesn't always buy friendship, it often buys leaders, corrupt like mubarak and sometimes i think it back
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fires. >> what would president morsi have to do to make you think it's a good idea to send the f-16's to egypt. >> he needs to pledge to protect our embassy and show his ability. a state department study saying are they able to and will they defend our embassy. that's the first step and wait a little while. it's a very new government. i would say we'll reassess this in about six months to a year, and i think that would be a very reasonable policy without saying absolutely they're not getting them, but you're right, might get a bad reaction, but i would consider it on behavior and see how they are going to behave and maybe release political prisoners, we need to use our aid as leverage good for the people not only their people, but our people. a doctor is held in pakistan why? because he's a friend to america, an informant and yet, we continue to ply the pakistanis with billions of dollars. >> greta: senator, thanks, sir, always nice to see you. >> thank you. >> greta: and tiger woods did it, phil mickleson is thinking
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about doing it and now, are lots of other californians about to do it as well? is your sounds like it, new california state tax hikes sending some residents fleeing california. so where will they go? nevada tax accountant george ashley says he knows. nice to see you, george. >> hello, greta, thank you for having me. >> greta: what's the story? people who live on the border of nevada and california are making the quick move to nevada? >> well, that's the people living on the border, but people from all sorts of places in california who want to avoid the california tax, a lot of them are thinking about packing up and moving and a lot of them are doing it. >> greta: what would be the reason, folks from deeper into the state away from nevada, but if you live on the border of california, unless you're really wedded to your house, why not move the mile into nevada and save yourself 13.3%? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> when does it make sense?
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suppose i have a business in california and i'm thinking of selling my business, should i move to inform nenevada before it or stuck paying the taxes no matter what. >> depends on the sale. if you're selling stock in the business, for example, you could very well become a non-resident of california by moving to a state like nevada and then subsequent to establishing residencesy in nevada sell the stock in the your business and even though the business operates, say, exclusively in california, california would not have the ability to tax you because you're selling shares of stock, which is an intangible asset. so, often times, and historically, you know, we have seen a lot of people that were doing exactly just that, they were planning for the big liquidity transaction and because they're in california and many were thinking about moving to a no tax state like nevada or texas and florida, but now we're seeing a lot
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more people, a lot younger people, in fact, who are considering just packing up and avoiding the california tax on their recurring income, not just large gains. >> greta: is there any reason you're starting a business or an existing business that you would want to move it to california? is there any tax advantage or are you just moving to california or starting pa business there because you really want to pay more taxes than you pay elsewhere? >> well, presumably you would start a business in california because, you know, there is still quite a bit of economic there, but unfortunately you have to be prepared to pay the price. >> greta: years ago i was on jay leno and paid $500 because it's union or something, i got a check and the state of california went after me for the taxes on that 500, so you do any business at all in that state you owe them the taxes, don't you? >> oh, absolutely. i think our sports figures are real good, they're real good example of that.
7:15 pm
for example, i mean, that's with golfers and baseball players, essentially played on the games played. so a season might consist of 120, 130 games, the state will actually keep tab of how many games that player played in their state and-- >> so if you come from a no tax state from texas and play for the rangers and end up playing a team in california, even though you live in texas play in texas you pay california taxes for that point, that amount of money, in california, right? >> that's correct. >> greta: george, thank you, and we'll continue to watch whether the high tax in california is going to convince others to move out of there, thank you, george. >> thank you. >> greta: and straight ahead, is it unnecessary roughness? is the nfl threatening to take a football fan to court? why is the nfl so unhappy with a fan? here is a hint, it has to do with the bowl.
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and do you remember years ago, the murder of washington intern chandra levy? now, this is weird, but the murder is back in the news. tonight, there's new information that could turn the case upsidedown, that's coming up. plus, who had the clint eastwood empty chair. there's a nefgs and we know who did it. we have a few clues and we'll let you start guessing. if you think running a restaurant is hard, try running four. fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase.
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7:19 pm's my job to look after it. ♪ >> fire and ice. now, that's what chicago firefighters found at the scene of a huge warehouse fire. crews battled the blaze tuesday night in frigid temperatures. it turps out the water used to put out the fire froze leaving a thick crust of ice around
7:20 pm
the whole building. then the next morning, the flames rekindled and when firefighters came to the scene they found the gutted warehouse caked in ice and the weight of the ice will make it more unstable. now, to the harbaughs, two brothers about to battle it out as head coach in the super bowl. john harbaugh with the baltimore ravens and jim harbaugh leading the fran 49ers. one year ago, he thought it would happen and started the process of trademarking the phrase har-bowl. sounds like a good idea. it was until the nfl sacked it. >> nice to be here. >> greta: you came up with a good idea before anybody else and spent your own money to get a trademark on this har-bowl and what happened? who stole it from you or gave you pressure? >> the nfl.
7:21 pm
they started out with phone call asking what my intentions were if it was to happen, maybe make shirts or hats, give it to local businesses and see if they might be interested in a deal to make silk screen those or something, and i was told that that was too close to their, their product and so they asked me if i would abandon the trademarks. >> greta: did you have a lawyer? i know they've got a lot of lawyers. did you have a lawyer for this? >> no, ma'am. >> greta: you're just doing this all by yourself with your good idea and suddenly, they think that that's too close to the super bowl trademark, is that right? is that the problem?
7:22 pm
>> yes. >> greta: so after they did this to you, after that, i assume that their lawyers called you, right? >> yeah, i got -- was initial call and then started getting e-mails, also. >> greta: did they threaten you with lawsuits or anything? >> the last e-mail i got, yes. started with that they would, they would send me abandonment paper work and they would do-- all i had to do was sign the papers and they would do all the paper work. >> greta: all right, and after all of this pressure and you finally, i mean, i guess you thought, i mean, put a lot of weight and pressure on you, all you ask for be reimbursed with the thousand dollars in the process of the trademark or a couple of colts season tickets or just an autographed picture of roger goodell the nfl commissioner, did they give you any of that to drop your suit? >> no, ma'am.
7:23 pm
>> greta: and that's, you just wanted one of those? >> yeah, yeah, and i slowly trade to bargain down, i guess. >> greta: why did you give up. why didn't you fight it? >> the last e-mail i got gave me a deadline, i believe it was november 7th that if i did not abandon the trademark or allow for an extension for them, that they would be -- that their intent was to take me to court, i'm not sure of the exact wording, pretty much that they would take me to court and they would seek compensation after they won. >> greta: well, you know, look, i admire you having a good idea and being creative and clever before everybody else and too bad you couldn't
7:24 pm
get an autographed picture of roger goodell after the lawyers weighed heavily on you. roy, thank you very much and maybe we can help you get an autographed picture if we call the commissioner, i think maybe we can. >> honestly, that was just to see if they would say yes. >> greta: all right. >> they didn't. >> greta: roy, thank you very much, sir. >> thank you. have a good evening. >> greta: you, too, sir. up next senator marco rubio talks about the future of the g.o.p. is there a special plan? senator rubio will tell you next. and new secrets in the chandra le levy, and who hijacked clint eastwood's convention empty chair? take a look at the photo the record obtained. one big clue, the cheese head behind the chair, wisconsin governor scott walker, wisconsin congressman paul
7:25 pm
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>> new mexico governor martinez sticking to her guns, calling for a full repeal of a state law allowing illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses. and even though state democrats warn they will block it. one day earlier governor martinez signaled willingness to compromise with democrats. she says she would consider legislation to consider a driver's permit could not be used though as identification. governor martinez explains she will only consider other options if a full repeal fails. there are 11 million undocumented illegal people in this country. so, why should the united states or what should the united states do about illegal immigration? he we asked florida senator marco rubio. >> let me ask you a mixed
7:29 pm
question, one is on illegal immigration and the other is the future of the republican party because there's a huge population out there, hispanic population and that's been a big issue. >> well, two separate issues. illegal immigration is bad for america. legal immigration is good for america and the fact of the matter is that we have 11 million people in this country, more or less, that are undocumented. i don't know anyone who is happy about that. and, but we have to deal with what we have. i mean, the truth is that the reality of is that these 11 million people the vast majority are going to be here for the rest of their lives. our obligation as policy makers is deal with them in a way that's compassionate and humane and also responsibility in a way that's not unfair to anybody who has done it the right way and in a way that makes sure that we never have to do this again. what i really he don't want to see is ten years from now we're back here talking about another 11 million people. >> greta: what would you do with the 11 million people. got to be, people don't want them to jump the line and give them amnesty and all of these things and be here forever, what's the idea. >> outline three pronged. first of course is to modernize our legal immigration system. we need a legal immigration
7:30 pm
system that works better for our economy to work better and by the way, to disincentivize illegal immigration. so we need to modernize the legal immigration system and reenforcement and not just fences and border security, that matters and we have to do that. workplace enforcement, that's the ultimate mechanism that makes it impossible for someone here undocumented to get a job and enter and exit, about 40% of our illegal immigration is people that overstay visas, come in legally and overstay. and then the last part is, now you've got to deal with 11 million people that are here. if you've committed any serious crime you're going to be deported. everybody else, what i think should happen, they should, they should be given the opportunity to qualify for a temporary, nonpermanent status and that's a work permit if they pay back taxes, pay a penalty, they have a background check that they can clear, et cetera, and they would have to be in that probationary period for reasonable, but significant period of time. >> greta: and how are they
7:31 pm
going to pay the taxes, most of them don't have the cash to pay the back taxes. >> we're probably going to talk about that more in the next few weeks, but every plan out there has that element in it that and thing there are ways to accomplish that. once they've been in the probationary phase for some period of time, at that point the only thing they would get is the opportunity to basically apply for the existing legal immigration system just like anybody in the world. identify a visa, get in line wait in turn for everybody mo applied before them. and apply for the visa and a green card and wait another five years just to apply for citizenship. so, you know, at that point, all you're basically doing, the best way to understand it, giving folks qualified, that are undocumented the opportunity to act, to gain a work permit and then in the eventually, the opportunity to apply for a legal immigrant visa, in the same way anybody in the world would do. no special way.
7:32 pm
>> greta: all right the republican party, obviously, they need to do some revamping of some sort and i'm curious, what would you do to attract more people to-- i mean, so that people didn't -- so that people who are currently moderates or democrats or independents that they want to be a republican. >> but the fundamental desire of all americans from all walks of life, including americans of hispanic decent, is to get ahead in the middle class and leave your children better off than yourself. and i think that free enterprise and limited government is the best way to accomplish that. we have the right principles, we have to do a better job of selling them to people and explaining to the people and to be true to those things, too. i mean, i don't think we should be more democrat than the democrats, i think that to some, we can do a better job of selling what we stand for and explaining to people what we stand for and why what we believe in is better for them and their hopes and dreams than what the democrats are offering. >> greta: suppose you're thinking about social security and you're a democrat and thinking here the republicans
7:33 pm
want to revamp it they say it's not going to last, knows sustainable, but the democrats say, yes, it is. why would you switch to be a republican, why would you switch, why would you buy that? >> because i think that people understand math when you explain this is how much money comes in, this is how much goes out as a result this is the year we run out of money unless we do a few simple and important things, people understand that. >> greta: i'm here, i'm here, i'm a republican i'm here to help you, believe my math? >> people understand that. at the end of the day i don't think we give the american people enough credit for their ability to understand the complexity of an issue and to have leaders to explain it to them and that explain their options to them. ultimately, we're going to pay a price if the issues are not resolved and medicare is a much, is an even more dangerous situation because it runs out of money sooner than social security does in regards to this. but ultimately, that's what leadership is about. not just about winning elections and hitting the 65% issues in the polls. leadership is about going to the people you represent and telling them the truth, whether it's a convenient truth or not, and explaining
7:34 pm
to them these are our options and this is the one i think is the best one moving forward for our country and for you and ultimately in a republic people decide whether tle want to support that or not and then the country faces the consequences of the decision made or not made. do you get frustrated sometimes? more frustrating in a country where you wouldn't debate the issues and have a chance to go to people and explain what you stand for or worry about speaking your mind because you could be put in jail by the governing party. i'm grateful i live in a republic and what i believe is still the greatest country in the history of the world. >> greta: senator, nice to see you. >> thank you. now this, this is very he bizarre, a new mystery surrounding the chandra levy case, almost 12 years after the murder of the washington intern, information so big, it has lawyers on both sides holding ultimately secret meetings. mike doyle from the newspaper is here with us, mike, dweewe
7:35 pm
don't have a lot of information, but something is going on. >> late last year, the government came into possession or information that potentially impeached, or impeached the correct of one of the witnesses. they told the judge and judge told the defense and they've had meetings, to hash out what the information is, significance to the trial and whether the hearings themselves should be secret which so far they have been. >> greta: the mere fact that the-- like the prosecutors don't turn over information easily to the defense, especially after conviction, the mere fact that the prosecutors themselves, they apparently initiated this thought it was pretty big information that would tarnish what one of the witnesses said in trial, it must be important if they turned it over to the defense at this date. >> in theory i suppose the requirement to hand over exculpatory information applies whether or not the witness is significant. they've spent so much time arguing about this and so much
7:36 pm
attention in these sealed hearings one must presume that it was a key witness because otherwise why bother. >> greta: and i can tell my own experience, defense and prosecutor attorneys have different ideas what's exculpatory and we defense say, and prosecutors say it doesn't matter it's irrelevant. rarely originates with the the prosecution which makes me think that this is much more significant than you might ordinarily think. >> and for those viewers who don't recall the details of the chandra levy case, there was one witness in particular who was absolutely crucial to the prosecution's case, a man named armando morales a cell mate of the man convicted. and he was absolutely eessential to the conviction because there was no other evidence, there was a circumstantial case. and so the question that any observer would have, does this
7:37 pm
potential impeachment issuecle around mr. morales or some other witness. >> greta: and he supposedly nabbed her in rock creek park that she was out jogging and found the remains a year after she disappeared and she had been having an affair with a congressman and there was some suspicion cast on him, but then the other man was ultimately convicted. so there's a court hearing coming up? >> a court hearing on february 7th which may or may not be sealed, but the media organizations, my employers, "the washington post," associated press and gannett filed appeal seeking to open up as much of the proceedings as available, so there's a public trial not a-- and anyway, mike, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, very disturbing news, an american christian pastor jailed in iran and tonight his family a
7:38 pm
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[ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. >> a connecticut basketball fabs fan gets a chance to make a half court shot and win a new car. >> okay, everybody-- here we go! oh! (cheers) >> it looks like he made that tough shot, but not so fast. take another look at it. >> down here, okay, everybody, here he goes! >> oh! >> so did he really make the
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7:44 pm
a pos tastor disappears he's abt to face trial and could face a death sentence. and his wife and good evening to both of you. and tell me, do you know about where your husband last was? in what particular jail? what's the last contact? >> good evening, greta, my-- my last contact was a few weeks ago, i believe january 9th. and his family in iran usually gets sne call on wednesdays and they get to visit him every other thursday. they did not get a call this wednesday and they were suspicious. and this thursday, they went to the prison and he was not there. they don't know where he is as of now. there was no notice. they were not -- they were not aware of anything, if he was moved or where he is and the
7:45 pm
guards couldn't give him answers and we're hoping to be able to find out where he is soon. >> greta: jordan, either it's a bureaucratic mess-up or they're incompetent or they've done something sinister. >> speak with iran you think the worse and hope for the best. there were multiple day of trial, but only one day of trial where the pastor and his attorney were able to attend. the and the rest of the people were summoned from the churches to testify against him. he wasn't able to be there. if the first day his lawyer requested that he be moved to a better part of the prison, he's been beaten and tortured and getting a letter describing what it was like, classic torture, one day beaten. the he next day treated nicely one day you're going to hang and next day get out. put that in the media and a hope's been transferred somewhere else. this judge is not called the hanging judge for no reason and the u.s. government calls
7:46 pm
him the hanging judge. when was the last time you spoke to your husband and how long in jail in iran? >> i believe it was a few wednesdays go. i believe it was january 9th and he's been in prison for almost five months since september 26th. and, yeah, i haven't spoken to him since and he-- every day is a big deal, every day counts and every day my hope is that we can get the word out and we can get him home and back to the u.s. soon and it's been too long since he's been gone and we're desperately wanting him back.
7:47 pm
they have not yet done for this america. so there is more to do that helps us internationally. it's actual charge, greta is to main charge is undermining the national security of iran. intentionally. and attempting to do so by setting up searches with 15, 20 people. think about that as a national security charge. >> sean:. >> greta: did you, i hope we have good news very soon.
7:48 pm
>> thank you, greta. >> straight ahead a sports scandal rocking the nation. you're going to hear from manti teo. you're going to hear from his girlfriend that doesn't exist. you're going to hear the voice, and who is in this empty chair? which cheesehead is the culprit, next. ♪ you know my heart burns for you... ♪ i'm up next, but now i'm sging the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is! gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her likes 50% more cash,
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7:51 pm
clint eastwood tapping our favorite social media moments of the date. who could forget his conversation with an empty chair? today the hollywood reporter tweeting clint eastwood's chair has a new home in washington, d.c. office. whose office is it? it's in the office of rnc
7:52 pm
chair and check out what is behind the chair. yes. that is a cheesehead. as you know chairman pribus is a wisconsin native. and now, $8500 for winner of pass ray, exact score was a one point cushion. that was irsay's offer to his twitter followers. $8500 who gets closest to the score of the game. a fan named jason did it. he guessed it and the final score, 28-13, ravens sow delivered. jason got a fed-ex package and a personal letter. we bet he didn't mind signing for that package. then, dennis leery's tweet. the american military allowing women to fight in the military
7:53 pm
which puts them about 50 years behind the house i grew up in. and get ready for this one. we're now hearing from the girlfriend of manti teo, who never existed. they are voice mails who he said was someone pretending to be his girlfriend today messages were released.
7:54 pm
>> greta: here is what he told katie couric. >> you kept telling, you stuck to the script. you knew that something was a miss, mani. >> correct. >> why? >> well, anyone put yourself in my situation. put yourself in my situation. my whole world told me that she died on september 12th. everybody knew that. this girl who i committed myself to died on september
7:55 pm
12th now i get a call december 6th saying she's alive. >> one of the theories, manti making the rounds is somehow you've created this scenario to cover up your sexual orientation. are you gay? >> no. far from it. far from it. >> fox news contributor and sportscaster jim gray joins us. is this now over for this young man and behind him? are we going to hear more? >> for all of us, we can only hope it's behind us. for him, i think this is going to leave a trail for a long time. he answered questions today and at times you have to feel sympathetic and other times you have to think he's naive or stupid and gullible. it's hard to know where this is the truth and why wr it's starting to begin the lie f
7:56 pm
he's just lying about certain things so far as the date you know it's not hard to understand why he would want to conceal it for a couple days after being told in his world what happened. it turns out now that the woman he was talking to is the man. it's a man perpetrating this. so it just gets stranger and weirder, we can only hope it's over as far as the public is concerned. >> greta: 30 seconds left. what time is looking for a linebacker? who wants him? >> there are 32 team that's will take this guy if he can play. we'll have questions and doubters and cred jiblt in question. they're going to wonder if if there will be more problems if he can tackle on third down, intercept a pass and there is nothing criminal worst thing you can say is that he was gullible, possibly a liar and maybe very stupid but a lot of guys in the nfl pass that
7:57 pm
criteria every day and play good football. >> greta: jim, thank you. >> greta, thank you. and first renditions of gangnam dance, ever. you'll see it next. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or havior or thghts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not for children under 18. people taking maois, linezolid or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain and yellowing skin or eyes. tell your doctor about all your medicines, including those for migraine and while on cymbalta, call right away if you have high
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